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Lip Gloss & Balm

$7.00 USD

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A vegan lip balm & gloss made with only natural ingredients with no commercial random base used here.

***FREE FROM: petroleum derivatives, preservatives, paraben, phthalates, mineral oil***

What I use to make this lip gloss: mango & shea butter for a long lasting protective barrier and hydration. Olive oil and grapeseed oil to keep your lips soft, smooth and moisturized.
It's a gloss and a moisturizer at the same time so you can also use it if you have dry and chapped lips

I do not use any commercial base, this lip gloss is 100% handmade with only natural ingredients.
The texture will be gloss to a commercial gloss but without the harmful ingredients you can find in them.

Size: 8g

Scent: unscented - unflavored


Use whenever it's needed. Keep it at room temperature to keep the gloss smooth. At lower temperature it may be a bit grainy (oils harden at low temperature) but this does not alter the product. If that happens, warm the gloss in your hands for a moment.

Designed and handmade in Quebec City with only natural, vegan & irritant free ingredients

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