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Fall Scented Wax Melts - Soy wax 80g


Why this candle is different: This box of wax melts is made with pure soy wax not a blend of different waxes. Fragrances are phthalates and paraben free, plus they are safe for your pets! Soy wax have a cleaner burn compared to a regular paraffin candle and scent throw is stronger as well. 

Scent: 3 different scents: Latte & pumpkin (chocolate bar shape) - Pumpkin & spices (pumpkin shape) - Waffle & Pumpkin (waffle shape)

How to use: use with a wax melter only. Add one mini wax melt and let it melt. 

Size : 80g

Ingredient: Hydrogenated soybean oil - Fragrance

Made in Quebec City