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Rose Quartz & Aluminium Ring - "Sjöfn" - Size 6US

$15.00 USD
Sjöfn, is the name of the Norse goddess of love. This is the idea I kept in mind while I was crafting this ring, pure and vibrant.
  • Size: 6US (not adjustable)
  • Materials: Aluminum, Copper, Stone
  • Sustainable features: upcycled gemstone
  • Gemstone: Rose Quartz
  • Gem color: Colorless
  • Band color: Gold

Informations about the ring:
The gemstone I used is rose quartz (stone of love)
The material I used is anodized gold aluminium (2mm thickness, 2 rounds). The material is thick enough to be hard to bend, that's why the ring is not adjustable.

Size: 6US (not adjustable)

Warning: Do not wear your ring when showering or in contact with detergent or any lotion. Even if the material is tarnish resistant and robust, it can still damage the ring with time. Aluminium 2mm is a very thick wire but can still be bended if you really want to (if you apply a high pressure on it), so be carefull while wearing your ring.

Shipping: Regular mail Canada Post - Shipped in a small box in an envelope - Delivery may take up to 3 weeks in Canada

This is a unique piece, I do not make this ring to order, but if you were looking for something similar or with another pattern just contact me and I will see what I can do for you