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Coco Love - Clay - Oat & Coconut milk face mask


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A blend of 2 different clays (kaolin white & rose clays) with oat & organic coconut milk to help your skin feels clean and moisturized.

Works for all type of skin and is sensitive skin-friendly. Made with oat & coconut milk, this mask has soothing properties especially of you have a reactive skin.

 30g (up to 30 uses)


Scent: unscented

How to use: Mix with water until you have a light paste, apply a thin layer on your face and let sit for 5-10min. Rinse out with water and gently dry your skin. Apply your moisturizer / serum.
Use once a week.


Active ingredients: pink clay, white clay, oat, organic coconut milk

Container: PET jar



Designed and handmade in Quebec City with only natural, vegan & irritant free ingredients