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Massage Candle - Soy wax - Coconut & almond oil


A candle that once melted gives you a warm oil blend to apply on your skin for a relaxing massage. 

Why this candle is different: This candle is made with pure soy wax not a blend of different waxes. With coconut oil and almond oil. Fragrances are phthalates and paraben free, plus they are safe for your skin. 

Scent: lavender & chamomile (no essential oils)

How to use: When you first burn your candle, it is important to burn the candle until the burn pool reaches side to side. Once melted, use the oil for your massage but allow few seconds for the oils to be cooler and avoid any burn. 

Size : 60g in a metal tin

Ingredient: Hydrogenated soybean oil  - almond oil -coconut oil- Fragrance

Made in Quebec City