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Handmade cosmetics

Carefully & conscientiously formulated for you by Dr Kari


Every product is formulated and handmade for your skin, using only natural & safe ingredients. Many natural ingredients are known to be irritant and can alter your natural beauty. That's why, I only select natural and safe ingredients and avoid the use of harmful chemicals.

Formulated without irritants, all the products are suitable for sensitive & dry skins.

Nature gives us everything we need!


Every item is vegan and cruelty-free. You will find everything you need to take care of your skin and your hair with our plant-based products.


Because we only have one planet, many items are zero waste / refillable using only recycled and recyclable paper.


You should be able to take care of your skin & hair with natural products no matter your budget.

1900+ ★★★★★ reviews on ETSY

this has got to be my favourite face scrub I’ve ever used. It works wonders and the scent is wonderful😍 my face felt so clean, fresh & smooth after using it. highly recommend this seller, really goes above & beyond with these products <3
This is a wonderful shop! I bought the shampoo bar, the serum conditioner, and some soap. Everything is top quality! The soap is beautiful, silky and lathers up amazingly, the shampoo bar gets my hair really clean, and the conditioner is fantastic! You don't need to use a lot to get good results, either. This is especially true of the conditioner: I used what I thought was a tiny amount and it was still slightly too much! Plus it arrived super fast and the seller generously included some extra goodies. :-)
WOW this stuff is AMAZING. This is my favourite scent (vanilla chai) of Kari's so far and I love that I can get it in so many products. This room spray is super long lasting and just incredible
I'm not a huge salt bath lover but I had to try this one with the oatmeal and coconut milk and I am very pleased! Pros are the strong perfume, the softness on the skin and the low quantity you need, it is a luxury bath salt like, really - compared to regular epsom salt that sometimes calls for one cup? Cons are that this WILL reveal all your scratches 😂 (it's salt!) and that because it is so hydrating, it will leave a mark in your bath tub (the fairy dust does not 🥰) but, yeah, it is a great product! Very high end quality! I would buy again! I had a big countainer and used it all in about 30 baths.
I've only used this hair cream once but it really took care of any frizz and brought out my curls better than any product I've used.