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Handmade cosmetics

Formulated with a touch of madness and lots of love!

Travel size - Discovery bag

Indigo & Aloe Shampoo

This shampoo is enriched with ingredients like Indigofera tinctoria, Aloe Vera, Maple Syrup and Flaxseed.

Indigofera tinctoria stimulates hair growth, promotes hair thickness, and helps to prevent hair loss.

Aloe vera deeply moisturizes and nourishes the hair, while Maple Syrup provides antioxidants that help to protect the hair from environmental damage.

Flaxseed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that promote hair growth, improve hair texture and add shine to hair.

Rhassoul clay is a volcanic clay harvested in North Africa (Morocco). This clay has an exceptional ability to absorb impurities without irritating the skin.


A naturally coffee scented scrub that transforms into a creamy lotion when you use it on your wet skin, exfoliate and moisturize your skin at the same time. 

Why this scrub is different: first, it’s not made with water, store it as long as you need to, no preservative! The scrub will transform into a creamy lotion when you use it on your wet skin, this means that your skin will be moisturized AND you won’t have to wash your skin after, simply rinse it out with warm water. Plus it will be very efficient when it comes to moisturize your skin as it’s made with pure oils.

They Talk about Natukari


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Signé Local

NatuKari is a member of Signé Local

Première heure - radio canada

Radio-Canada interview

Métro - Québec

Des cosmétiques naturels accessibles à tous

Académie entrepreneuriale ULAVAL-CDPQ

NatuKari is a member of the Académie 2022