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Shower Steamer Dust - Aromatherapy

$7.00 USD
Shower steamers are back in stock in another format easier to use and can be adjusted to your needs

Shower steamer dust is a fizzy dust made with essential oils to use during yyour shower.

Size: 120g in a resealable bag or 50g trial size

Essential oils: several are available, please see the drop down menu
The concentration is the highest safest concentration of essential oil. Some might find it to strong and some not. If so adapt the use to your preference

How to use: Run hot/warm shower for a minute before use. This will help the fragrance cling to the moisture in the air. Sprinkle shower dust on a shelf near the shower head or on the floor of the shower away from direct water. The water will activate the shower steamer dust. Avoid any direct stream of water.

Do not use for bath, this is formulated for shower only due to the high concentration of oils.

Shipping: enveloppe with regular mail Canada post

Made with so much love in Quebec City