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Face Serum Oil - Organic


4 reviews

Did you know that adding an oil serum will not make your face oily? In fact, if you select the right serum for your skin type it can help your skin glow. These organic face serum oils are bursting with antioxidants that deliver benefits to the skin to keep it stay nourished and moisturized.

For all type of skin

Made with a blend of 5 different organic oils:

*Argan oil
*Jojoba oil
*Moring oil
*Apricot oil
*Rosehip oil 



How to use: Apply one drop after cleanser / toner but before moisturizer. Massage well until fully absorbed. Apply your moisturizer as usual. 

Packaging: Amber glass jar (color may change)



Designed and handmade in Quebec City with only natural, vegan & irritant free ingredients 

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