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My story


So glad you’re here, I’m Kari, I design, formulate & create all the products you will see in my shop.

I say “I” because at NatuKari there’s only me :). 

I started formulating my own natural cosmetics for my sensitive & reactive skin years ago. 

When I created NatuKari, I wanted to help people find affordable natural products made with high quality ingredients. To me, this is really important, no matter the budget you have, you should be able to have natural products to take care of your skin. 



All the products are formulated using my PhD in medical research. I make sure to select only pure & natural ingredients in every item I create, that’s why I never use any commercial base. Plus, it allows me to add as much love as I can in each product!

All the products you will find at NatuKari are:


As a scientist, I know that chemicals can alter our natural beauty. To me it's important to select only natural ingredients and avoid the use of harmful chemicals.

Formulated without irritants, all the products are suitable for sensitive & dry skins 

Nature gives us everything we need!


As a huge animal lover I do not use any animal product. I honestly think that we can take care of ourselves with only plant-based ingredients.


Because we only have one planet, many items are zero waste / refillable using only recycled and recyclable paper. I only use recyclable containers when it’s needed


I truly want everyone to be able to buy natural products, no matter the budget.