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Pack of 2 Surgras Soaps - Turmeric & Carrot

$11.00 USD

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What do I use to make this soap: only pure oils and butters (non-GMO, and no palm oil) like olive oil which is amazing for our skin and cocoa butter that gives a very intense moisturizing effect! Plus, I use a % of superfat (vegetable oils) to make sure the soap leaves your skin soft and smooth. 

This is a vegan soap, in fact all my products are vegan and this is one of my values as an animal lover!

Why this soap is different: The formulation I use makes the soap long lasting, it won’t melt like crazy when you use it properly! There is no additive to make it look harder and long lasting, in fact did you know that some soaps contain additives to make them look super long lasting but they melt into pieces when you start using them? The % of superfat I mentioned will moisturize your skin and avoid stripping away its natural barrier. 

Scent: unscented

How to use:  it’s pretty easy to use, wet your skin and simply rub it onto your skin! That’s it, that's all :). Rinse well with water and you’re done!

Size : 100g

Dimension: 6x6x2cm

Packaging dimension: paper wrapping 

Ingredient: Olea europaea oil - oryza sativa bran oil - cocos nucifera oil - theobroma cacao butter - aqua - sodium hydroxide


Canada Health declared product - Made in Quebec City

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