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Scalp treatment - Dry & itchy scalp

$8.00 USD

6 reviews

Do you struggle with dry and itchy scalp or dandruff? Here is a natural scalp treatment to help you sooth your scalp and remove dandruff. 
Formulated with natural active ingredients, this treatment is easy to apply and to rinse before your shampoo. 

Works for: dry & itchy scalp associated with dandruff 


size 50g

Scent: peppermint

How to use: use once a week before your shampoo. Apply a small amount onto your scalp and let sit for 10 min and rinse out. 

Active ingredients: oat, spirulina, peppermint, vitamin E

Packaging: trial size in a metal tin


Designed and handmade in Quebec City with only natural, vegan & irritant free ingredients

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