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My values

What is really important to me is that each product is: 


*Handmade with care


*Freshly made. Not like lots of cosmetics stored for several months or years, I do make my products fresh. To me a fresh product is better than one filled with tons of preservatives. What do you think?


*Natural. I truly think that our skin doesn’t need synthetic molecules to reveal its natural beauty. Nature gives us everything we need. That’s why the ingredients I select are natural and irritant-free.


*Vegan & cruelty free.  Well because, I LOVE animals <3. And I am currently working in partnership with local animal shelters, but shh it's a secret... 


*Zero waste & low packaging.  Packaging generates so much waste over a year, and since we only have one planet, to me it’s important to keep my packaging as low as possible. That’s why I only offer low packaging or zero waste items. When a container is needed, this one is fully recyclable - reusable and can, for some items, be refillable. 


*Scented & colorful. It’s not because we have sensitive skin that our skincare routine has to be plain. I think that adding colors & fragrances transform our routine into a well-deserved moment of relaxation and self-love.  


*Affordable. I truly want everyone to be able to buy natural products, no matter the budget. 


*Made with much love. From formulating a product to preparing your order, I care about you. I want to make you feel the love I have in making a product but also the love I have for you as a person. Because you are important to me, and you are loved.  


That’s why at NatuKari each product is unique, carefully & conscientiously made for you.